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Introducing MarvelXACT™ UHPLC Connection Systems

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Ensure a perfect connection every time with the new MarvelXACT fitting system from IDEX Health & Science, for trouble-free liquid chromatography. The MarvelXACT connection systems have been expertly designed to eliminate the risk of under or over tightening with a patented torque limiting mechanism. This unique feature emits a haptic "click" feedback when it reaches the optimum torque, assuring a perfect installation every time. MarvelXACT incorporates advanced MarvelX™ Sealing Technology to deliver precise face sealing (sealing at the port bottom), which eliminates additional internal volume, and minimizes carryover risk, peak tailing, and peak broadening.

Advantages of MarvelXACT UHPLC Connection Systems

  • No risk of under or over-tightening with torque limiting mechanism
  • Face sealing ensures Zero Dead Volume
  • Minimize carryover, peak broadening, and peak tailing
  • Finger-tight to 19,000 psi
  • 100+ connects and disconnects
  • No training or instructions needed to make a perfect connection everytime
  • Flexible 1/32" OD tubing for easy routing through the instrument
  • Universal for 10-32 (1/16") coned receiving ports
  • Biocompatible PEEK flow path option as well as stainless steel flow path options

MarvelXACT features



Conventional coned fittingsMarvelXACT vs. Conventional Coned Fittings


Conventional coned fittings require a ferrule in conjunction with a fitting for proper sealing. They depend on complex techniques, including tools, to improve sealing performance, which significantly increases probability of extra internal volume and poor chromatography results. The excessive force needed for tightening increases wear of expensive components and the likelihood of replacement, adding to overall costs.



MarvelXACT fittingsMarvelXACT fittings do not depend on ferrules. They seal at the bottom of the port, without complex techniques, which significantly reduces required torque and enables many more connects and disconnects. MarvelXACT significantly reduces wear on your hardware, increasing product life. An enhanced proprietary tip design also ensures zero dead volume (ZDV) and better chromatography results.

MarvelXACT main features



Ordering Information

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  150 mm Length 250 mm Length 350 mm Length 500 mm Length 600 mm Length
PEEK-Lined Stainless Steel Assemblies*
25 µm ID UPFP-7025150 UPFP-7025250 UPFP-7025350 UPFP-7025500 UPFP-7025600
50 µm ID UPFP-7050150 UPFP-7050250 UPFP-7050350 UPFP-7050500 UPFP-7050600
75 µm ID UPFP-7075150 UPFP-7075250 UPFP-7075350 UPFP-7075500 UPFP-7075600
100 µm ID UPFP-7100150 UPFP-7100250 UPFP-7100350 UPFP-7100500 UPFP-7100600
Stainless Steel Assemblies*
100 µm ID UPFS-7100150 UPFS-7100250 UPFS-7100350 UPFS-7100500 UPFS-7100600
125 µm ID UPFS-7125150 UPFS-7125250 UPFS-7125350 UPFS-7125500 UPFS-7125600
254 µm ID UPFS-7254150 UPFS-7254250 UPFS-7254350 UPFS-7254500 UPFS-7254600

*Product availability and lead times may vary depending on the configuration.



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