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Dissolution Accessories

QLA complete line of Dissolution Consumables and Accessories are engineered and manufactured to the precise specifications of Dissolution Baths’ Manufacturers and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).


All genuine QLA products are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards & supplied with serialisation and certification where appropriate – providing you with guaranteed quality, guaranteed reproducibility and peace of mind!


QLA Dissolution Accessories are used by major pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world on many different brands of Dissolution Testing apparatus. Selecting reliable and compliant accessories is essential to achieving reproducibility and consistency from test to test, providing you with improved results over time.


QLA is the leading supplier of filters for dissolution testing world-wide.


Pure QualityManufactured from Pure Quality material, QLA filters are fabricated in special moulds in clean-room conditions to ensure the best manufacturing practices. Samples from each batch are then tested for dimensional accuracy and then further tested for heavy metal content, inorganic interference and other possible contaminants.


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