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Please complete your details and we will send you a postage paid returns box. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your pipette service and calibration requirements with a Kinesis representative you can do so by calling +44 (0)1480 212122.

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Decontamination certificate

In line with the latest COSHH regulations all pipettes that are handled by the Kinesis Pipette Service Team should be certified free from hazardous components and chemicals. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure they do not subject the Kinesis Pipette Service Team to such materials.

Decontamination methods

Detergent - Pipettes can be dismantled and immersed in a detergent recommended for decontaminating laboratory instruments. The pipette should be thoroughly rinsed and dried after total immersion. Some pipettes can be fully autoclaved, others partially. Please consult manufactures manuals for full information.

UV - by exposure to 300nm UV light for 15 minutes. This method is not recommended for pipettes because, unlike contaminating liquids or vapours, UV rays cannot penetrate inside the pipette.

To confirm each pipette is contamination free, please complete a Decontamination Certificate Download a Decontamination Certificate here »